Chair's Welcome Message

A Message from Dr. David D. Limbrick, Jr.

On behalf of the faculty, residents, and staff, I am delighted to welcome you to the Department of Neurosurgery at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. As a graduate of the VCU SOM and MD/PhD program, and after 20+ years away from VCU, it was my great honor to return to VCU in September, 2023 to lead this historical Department which influenced my life and career so fully.

VCU Neurological Surgery has a rich tradition of clinical and academic accomplishments with broad impact. Over 100+ years, VCU Neurosurgery has catalyzed transformative advances in the care of neurosurgical disorders, and we are committed to the ideal that such advances depend on exceptional, scientifically-informed clinical care across all areas of neurosurgery.

The complexity of caring for patients with neurological and neurosurgical diseases has intensified in recent years. Offering the absolute best care means leveraging substantial knowledge and expertise that considers patient-specific disease biology and, most importantly, the patient themselves. VCU Neurosurgery provides coordinated, multidimensional care that integrates the most recent data, from molecular advances to a robust portfolio of clinical trials.

Fostering neurosurgery educational programs is a foundational piece upon which all other missions of the Department are built. We are committed to providing structured mentoring to a diverse pool of trainees and building a faculty with focused clinical and research  experiences across the spectrum of neurosurgical disease.

With the most talented neurosurgeons, unique and innovative treatments, and demonstrable clinical excellence and outcomes, VCU Neurosurgery is a premier academic neurosurgery program and leading destination for leading-edge neurosurgical care.


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