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Craniosynostosis Minimally Invasive Treatment

VCU Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery offers minially invasive surgery options for many conditions. One such program is our minimally invasive or endoscopic program repair for craniosynostosis.

The mininally invasive or edoscopic option has gained favor in the last 15 years. The benefits include a smaller incision, less blood loss, less discomfort and swelling and a much shorter hospital stay. The cosmetic outcomes are excellent.

The inimally invasive or endoscopic procedure removes the involved fused suture though one or two smaller incisions using an endoscope, microscope or high magnification Loupes. No reshaping is done in surgery. A helmet in the postoperative period will contour the head shape. Helmets used for the minimally/endoscopic procedure will be measured about three to four days after surgery.

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